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Longshots challenge in call of duty black ops 4

Longshots Guide – Dark Matter Tips & Tricks

One of the key challenges when going for the Dark Matter camo is to test your ability at range. To obtain the Roller Rink weapon camo, you need to complete 10 longshots for Assault Rifles, Tactical Rifles, Sniper Rifles and Pistols. This is quite a time consuming challenge, but there are ways to speed it up, although a bit of camping might be required!

roller pink weapon camo in call of duty black ops 4
Roller Rink camo is unlocked for a weapon after completing 10 longshots.

Below are some spots on each map that will give you longshots and tips which should help you fire through this part of the Dark Matter grind.


Longshot Spots on Each Map

These are some of the more effective longshot spots. Click the thumbnail to expand the image.


Longshot Hints & Tips

  • Use Torque’s Barricade

    This is effective for players that don’t have the best accuracy at long range. Putting down the Barricade and parking yourself behind it in one of the longshot spots shown above will make you harder to hit, giving you the advantage in the gunfight. This tactic works well for underpowered weapons that require multiple hits resulting in long gunfights, such as Pistols.

  • Play Hardcore

    Not for everyone, but the Hardcore playlist will make it easier and quicker to complete longshots simply because it takes less bullets to kill in Hardcore.

  • Use the Recon, Holographic, NVIR sights

    You can get up to 4x zoom with the Recon scope, 1.75 with the Holographic scope. The NVIR sight (thermal) is also effective as it makes the target at range clearer. Lower your sensitivity to between 4-7 to maintain accuracy at long range if you use a higher sensitivity.