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Specialists: Stealing Scorestreaks & Equipment with Zero

One of the easiest and most powerful specialists in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is Zero. Zero’s anti-scorestreak and anti-specialist abilities make her widely used in multiplayer, even though there are better and more lethal options open for selection.

Specialist Overview

Specialist Weapon: Ice Pick

The Ice Pick is Zero’s portable hacking device. On activation, the Ice Pick display shows a list of scorestreaks or specialist items currently in use by the opposing team available for Zero to hack (turning them friendly into your personal use) or destroy altogether. Items available to hack are listed on the top row of the Ice Pick, items available to destroy in the middle row. Zero also has the ability to disable players specialist abilities, HUD and minimap.

Specialist Ability: EMP Disruptor

Various scorestreaks and equipment can be destroyed using the EMP Disruptor. With a considerable blast radius, the EMP can travel through surfaces and distort the HUD of opposition players.


How to use the Ice Pick


This table lists scorestreaks Zero’s Ice Pick can hack or destroy when in use by opposition players.

Hack Destroy
Attack Chopper Gunship
Drone Squad Thresher
Sentry Gun Strike Team
Counter UAV Sniper’s Nest
Care Package Mantis
UAV Hellstorm


This table lists all equipment and specialist equipment Zero’s Ice Pick can hack or destroy when in use by opposition players.

Hack Destroy
Nomad: Mesh Mine Prophet: Seeker Mine
Recon: Sensor Dart Seraph: Tac Deploy
Torque: Barricade
Trophy System


How to use the EMP Disruptor

Scorestreaks & Equipment

This table lists the effectiveness of Zero’s EMP Disruptor on scorestreaks and equipment

Disable Destroy
Torque: Barricade Torque: Razor Wire
Sentry Gun Nomad: Mesh Mine
Mantis Sparrow: Hawk
Drone Squad


Hints & Tips

  • Zero is particularly useful against Torque with the ability to destroy Razor Wire and to disable or hack the Barricade, the latter often resulting in a kill.
  • Always make sure to accelerate the hack when using the Ice Pick, this is done by holding Square (PS4) or X (Xbox One).
  • Hacking should be done in a safe location, near teammates and out of the line of sight of scorestreaks.
  • Although tempting to hack lower scorestreaks such as the Sentry Gun, there may be higher scorestreaks to follow such as the Strike Team or the Sniper’s Nest. The Ice Pick has a low earn rate, so saving the Ice Pick for these game changing scorestreaks gives your team more chance of winning.
  • The EMP Disruptor has a large blast radius and is effective when used to clear areas before advancing. Any enemy players in the area will be hit, you will receive points for each player affected, giving you knowledge of how many are in the general area.
  • The EMP Disruptor can destroy the Drone Squad, a high-end scorestreak. The EMP Disruptor can also disable the Sentry Gun and Mantis for a considerable length of time.