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Operation Grand Heist a new operation for Black Ops 4

Operation Grand Heist Now Live on PS4

A new operation has begun on PS4! Operation Grand Heist follows Absolute Zero in offering swathes of new content for Call of Duty Black Ops 4.

Key Points

  • New specialist
  • 2 new multiplayer maps
  • New Black Market items
  • League Play
  • New Weapons
  • Weapon Tuning


Outrider Returns

Players familiar with the franchise will remember Outrider from Black Ops 3. Armed with an interesting new specialist ability and her Sparrow specialist weapon, Outrider further adds to the depth of gameplay. You can unlock this new specialist at Tier 1 in the Black Market.


New Weapons

There are three new weapons available in multiplayer.

  • Switchblade X9 – A folding SMG
  • Rampage – Fully automatic shotgun
  • Cha-Ching! – Money bag melee weapon.


New Multiplayer Maps

Two new maps added immediately to map rotation for Black Ops Pass holders. Casino and Lockup are two large maps which cater for either short range or long range gameplay.


Black Market Updates

There is a new 100-tier stream in Operation Grand Heist which includes the 3 new weapons, a selection of camos and outfits. Also returning from Black Ops 3 is Blackjack.


Weapons Tuning

A significant update to weapon balancing was included in the most recent patch. Click here for the most recent patch notes.