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Patch Notes – Feb. 26th 2019

This update adds Operation Grand Heist to all remaining platforms after arriving on PS4 last week.


  • Game Modes
    • One in the Chamber now live as the Featured Playlist.
    • Map Pack Moshpit, Hardcore Map Pack Moshpit, Pro Series Moshpit, and Mercenary Objective Moshpit added to Featured category.


  • Weapon Tuning
    • Swordfish – Reduced ADS move speed slightly.


  • Perks: Engineer
    • Players now properly see K9-Unit and Strike Team Scorestreaks through walls with the Engineer Perk equipped.


  • Specialists: Outrider
    • Addressed an issue where Outrider would not respawn until her Hawk was destroyed, if she was killed during the last frame of her deploy animation.


  • World League Hub
    • Fixed a crash that could occur while trying to load into a Search and Destroy match.